Money! Killing and Saving the World, one bill at a time


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Everyone loves money! Who doesn’t?! Money buys us the products we need to survive and all the things we buy and use for pleasure. Money almost literally rules the world, let it be the USD or Euro, money makes the world go round. But lets put this in the USD term, we use dollar bills, paper! This “paper” is backed by silver and gold, here’s the kicker what’s the value of silver and gold? Silver and gold has literally no value, humans gave it a value. So in that sense not even the metal coins have a real value! We humans gave these shiny objects a monetary value and we use it for trading rather than real items. Money has has ruined but also improved the world. With money we have been able to set values for items and an easy way to buy that item rather than trading with an item of “similar value”. Though money has also ruined the world in the sense that now everything has a monetary value! Water, for an example, costs money even though food and water is a basic and essential need for humans to survive. Back in the day, people lived on the land, hunted for food, made their own homes, and survived. There was no money and people traded goods for their survival and needs not because he was going to receive 1000 pieces of paper with the numbers 100 written on them. Overall my opinion on money is a convoluted one, money is great and perfectly works with the way the world is now. But I also think money is a bad and very corruptible thing, life was a better time when we all survived off our own merit.

Ok, so I’ve just been informed by @coffeeshopdisscusions ( that now a days, money is actually backed by credit! I’m not exactly sure how “credit” backs the money, but I’m pretty sure that means money is backed by nothing! Just the belief of “money”. Well that doesn’t change my argument, money is backed by the belief that the object backing it has some sort of value, just the the now, modern case, money is literally backed by nothing.